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Admin load preventing you from getting to know your members?

Event administration taking 50% of your time?

Tired of printing out 30 invoices a day at tax time?

Want to take control of your website's content?

Want to send emails personalized to groups of members in one pain free mail shot?

Spending hours processing payments for conferences and events?

Members asking to book, join and pay online?

Member Manager: Helping Australian membership organisations get closer to their members.

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Manage Memberships Manage memberships and the interactions and data that surround the membership processes over the internet. For example online sign-up, payments and expiry reminders

Full list of member management functions

Manage Events Manage events, the interactions and data that surround them, for example mass personalised email invitations, online bookings, fee collection, reminders, invoicing and data management

Full list of event management functions

Manage Memberships Website management and the updating of all web based content and online marketing materials, via easy to use online word processor like editors

Example list of website management functions

Manage Events Email marketing and streamlining of segmented mass personalized email communications at low cost

Example list of email marketing functions

“If you are looking for a website content management system integrated with a membership database at an affordable price then you need to talk to the team at Member Manager.

They have a very comprehensive service, a highly professional team and an amazingly creative approach that combine to give you a solution that will generate tangible benefits for your organisation.”

– Belinda Busoli, Strategic Membership Solutions