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What is Member Manager?

Member Manager is the new and intelligent way to interact with your members.

Member Manager brings you closer to your members by:
·   Giving you direct and instant control of your web content communications
·   Allowing your membership to safely interact directly with your databases via your website
·   Facilitating segmented and personalised mass email communications
·   Allowing your members and stakeholders to renew, book events and purchase products via your website
·   Distributing confidential information via login only areas on your website

Member Manager reduces costs by:
·   Providing a mass personalised emailing system that gets its email data directly from your Membership database.
·   Providing an easy to use interface for updating website content – reducing bills from your suppliers
·   Reducing the quantity of hard copy communications such as invoices and forms
·   Reducing the need for time consuming fax based communications
A recent case study revealed that one group has saved $16,000 in the first year of adopting Member Manager

Member Manager saves you time:
·   Automating many repetitive administrative tasks, such as processing payments and producing invoices
·   Allowing your members and stakeholders to self serve for many of the day to day tasks and information exchanges
·   Enabling members to transact with you automatically over the internet (e.g. for event bookings and payments)
·   Providing an easy to update website for instant changes – no more “back and forth” with suppliers and developers
One group who have adopted Member Manager estimate a time saving of 743 hours in their first year aloneReducing staffing hours and freeing you to concentrate on the important aspects of your role. 
Member Manager is a fully hosted platform and so does not require any new software or hardware, just an internet connection and a browser.