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Online Event Registration

Member Manager’s online Event Registration capabilities, including online payment via a secure payment gateway, provide an automated solution for the traditionally labour intensive process of event booking and payment.

Manual Event Registration

Managing event registrations manually is a labour intensive process involving:

  • Receiving a registration forms from attendees
  • Recording all registration details
  • Following up with attendees if there are any discrepancies in the registration form or payment
  • Ensuring member and non-member pricing for events are applied correctly
  • Manually processing the payment
  • Confirming booking
  • Generating and sending an invoice to the attendee
  • Keeping track of the number of registrations received so that maximum numbers are not exceeded

This type of manual registration process invariably results in errors, duplications and lost registrations resulting in confusion and disappointment for attendees.

 “Initially we estimate that overall, managing events online with Member Manager would provide us with our greatest savings of over 350 person hours and around $1500 per year. Not only has Member Manager simplified the task significantly it has helped reduce problems and mix ups to almost zero.”

Membership Manager – WiMBN

Automating the Event Registration process

With Member Manager, this whole process can be automated. Details of events including dates, venue, maximum number of tickets available, table sizes and pricing (both member and non-member rates) are recorded in the Member Manager system and made available for online registration. For attendees, registering for an event is a simple online store type transaction – adding the required quantity of event “products” to their shopping basket and then paying online via a secure payment gateway. Registration confirmation and the associated invoice are immediately emailed to the attendee. Even manually received registrations can be recorded within the system so that all event registrations are held centrally.

The Event Registration functionality is also supported by an email communications component so that event attendees or members who have not yet registered for an event can be targeted with appropriate messages.

The ability to export event attendance details supports other event planning tasks such as label printing and table planning.

Adding value for your members

With administrators no longer having to spend as much time on the registration process they can focus their efforts on providing the most valuable events for members. In addition, providing a simple and convenient way for people to register for events can increase attendance and provide greater value to members.

If you would like to find out more about how Member Manager’s online Event Registration functionality can streamline and automate your event registration process please complete your details below or contact us directly