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Benefits to Staff

Member Manager development has been based on the requirements of many member based organisations.

The primary benefits to staff and administrators are:

Reduced Administration Burden
Member Manager can reduce the administrative burden on staff by automating many of the otherwise time consuming and monotonous membership and events tasks. Some examples include:

  • Easy set up and control multiple membership types (e.g. financial & non-financial)
  • Hands free member joining process including payment completed online via website
  • Automated email member renewal remainders (and online payments)
  • Ability to simply post information on events to website and mass email members
  • Ability for members to register and pay for events online
  • Easy access to all member and events data for export (e.g. label printing)
  • Administrator can easily override and approve memberships and other data

Reduced Errors in Member Management and Event Management Process

  • Less paperwork means fewer opportunities for error.
  • Data is managed from a single location, meaning reduced duplication and single versions

Member Manager will help reduce administrative burden; allowing staff to concentrate on building and maintaining relationships with members.

Freeing staff from frustrating administrative tasks allows them to add value to both the organisation and to members.

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