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Member Manager: Case Study
Women in Mortgage Business Network

Implementing and using Member Manager has been a great leap forward for WiMBN. It has resulted in huge savings in time, money and effort as well as significantly reducing the inevitable administrative errors and omissions.

 “Adopting Member Manager has saved us $16000 and 743 person hours per year!”

Membership Manager – WiMBN

About WiMBN
The Women in Mortgage Business Network, aka WIMBN, is an instant connection to women in the financial services industry. Providing a friendly, down to earth environment in which to build skills, knowledge and contacts, the network is for all women, in all roles related to the industry.
“Adopting Member Manager has enabled us to offer greater Member and importantly sponsor benefits; this will improve our member acquisition and retention and, at the same time increase our revenue – exactly what the board wants to hear!”

 Year on year savings made by WiMBN


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Event Booking



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Membership Management



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Updating Website


Opportunity Cost!

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More than just efficiencies:
Since adopting Member Manager not only have we reduced our admin staffing by two person days per week, we are able to increase focus on benefits to members and wider stakeholders.

We are now able to react to sponsor offers quickly and easily, for example we have recently started selling one speaker’s book via our website. This builds relationships and generates additional revenue for us and the author.

We have also been able to respond to our members’ environmental concerns and are getting closer to our goal of a paperless office.