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Membership Management

Member Data Collection forms: Highly flexible member data collection

  • Unlimited mandatory fields for minimum member data requirements
  • Freedom of designing and layout forms for website branding
  • Ability to trigger renewal notices and move required fields into management system
  • Secure login into administration area to view all member data
  • Collection of forms can be accessed anywhere
  • Subscription forms can be linked for emailing communications and ‘upgrading’ to members
  • Wide control of maintaining different forms of different data for different member types

Memberships management setup (Member types setup)

  • Unlimited membership types can be defined
  • Each individual membership type can be set by prices for membership
  • Each individual membership type can be set by prices for membership renewal
  • Each membership type can be lengthen or shorten
  • Functionality to email expiry notification when expiry date occurs
  • Internal and external members able to receive email reminders
  • Ability to notify new internal members through email to sign-up and receive a welcome email after sign-up
  • Functionality to email external and internal members expiry notification
  • Online/Automation payments can be defined for each member type with different payment gateway links

Administration of current members and membership and transactions data

  • Membership data updatable
  • Membership status viewable
  • To enable search for members, filtering can be implemented
  • Historical online transactions can be reviewed by member
  • New members can be added by administrators

Features for Members

  • Membership fees is payable online and members can ‘sign-up’
  • Provision for secure login access to members area
  • Forgotten password function
  • Modification of own information by members
  • Member directory can be reviewed by members
  • Facility for members to log in, review and download historical invoices

Members directory (automated)

  • Administration staff moderates members for updating their own data
  • Search function which is set by administrators
  • Search Engine Friendly
  • Cleaner presentation via categories and improved ease of use