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Online Member Communications

Member Manager’s combination of a centralised Membership Database, an Email Communications facility and Website Content Management System enables cost effective member communications via the internet.

The High Cost of Member Communications

One of the keys to providing value to your membership base is to provide valuable, relevant and timely information.

Traditionally, this type of communication has involved sending various types of hard copy materials to members – application forms, event brochures, newsletters, renewal reminders, invoices. Producing and distributing this type of material is not only expensive, time consuming and reliant on third party suppliers, it is largely inflexible and prone to becoming out of date in a short space of time.

 “[With Member Manager we have] improved our electronic touch points significantly and so we are projecting the best possible image and providing the best possible service online.”

Membership Manager – WiMBN

Slashing the Cost of Member Communications

Moving all of these communications online can slash the cost of communications and ensure that the information you are providing to your members is timely and convenient.

Member Manager provides a number of facilities for communicating with members online:

  • Membership related communications such as membership confirmations, renewal reminders, event registration confirmations and invoices are fully customisable and delivered via email.
  • Regular email communications using fully customisable templates can be sent to different segments of your membership base or event attendees
  • A fully featured content management system provides a professional and up to date website.
  • Permission based website content allows you to provide different value-added services and information to different segments of your membership base.

All communications to members are based around Member Manager’s centralised Membership Database ensuring that the entire membership base is reachable.

Increase the value of your membership

With the cost of communicating with members drastically reduced it is now possible to communicate with your members more frequently, thereby increasing the value of your membership.

If you would like to know more about how Member Manager can improve the quality of your communications with your members please complete your details below or contact us directly