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Online Membership Renewal

Member Manager’s online renewal system provides members with the convenience of automated, online membership renewal including automated renewal reminder emails and online payments via a secure payment gateway.

Without an automated solution, the process of membership renewal is a multi-step, labour intensive process which by its nature is prone to error.

Renewal Reminders

For membership organisations where memberships all renew at the same time (e.g. end of financial year or end of calendar year) reminding members that their membership is due for renewal can be achieved via a targeted renewal campaign. For membership organisations with rolling membership expiry dates, the task of reminding members to renew their membership requires an ongoing process of identifying memberships due for renewal and then sending out reminders to that group of members.

In either scenario, the renewal reminder process is labour intensive and is prone to members being missed in the process and memberships lapsing.

Using Member Manager, fully customisable renewal reminder emails can be automatically sent out to members, as well as to internal staff if required, at a defined time prior to membership expiry. The time period for reminders to be sent out can be different for different membership types.

Providing members with timely reminders reduces the likelihood of memberships lapsing and reduces the amount of effort required to ensure that memberships are renewed.

 “At WiMBN we run a rolling membership, so activity is relatively consistent throughout the year. We estimate that Member Manager has saved us 225 person hours per year and $3410 per year.”

Membership Manager – WiMBN

Renewal Process

Processing membership renewals manually is a labour intensive process involving:

  • Receiving a renewal forms from members
  • Checking member details against existing information and updating if necessary
  • Following up with member if there are any discrepancies in the renewal form or payment
  • Manually processing the payment
  • Confirming renewal
  • Generating and sending an invoice to the member
  • Identifying and following up with members whose membership has lapsed.

Member Manager offers a convenient, self-service facility where members can renew their membership online, pay via a secure payment gateway and then automatically receive a renewal confirmation and associated invoice.

Lapsed members can also be targeted with appropriate reminder emails.

Improve Membership Retention

Member Manager’s Online Membership Renewal capabilities can improve membership retention as it removes the traditional barriers to renewal, improves the member’s experience and adds value to membership offering.

If you would like more information about how you can offer your members the convenience of automated, online membership renewal please complete your details below or contact us directly.